MADEHO commits to Team for the Planet


We are proud to announce our partnership with Team for the Planet, a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against greenhouse gases.

MADEHO commits to Team for the Planet


At MADEHO, we're convinced that every action counts when it comes to reducing environmental impact.

Why Team for the Planet?

For its innovative, collaborative model. Their mission is simple but ambitious: to raise the funds needed to identify and deploy global innovations capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With over 100,000 citizen shareholders, they are as convinced as we are that collective action can have a major impact.

A concrete commitment to the ecological transition.

By joining Team for the Planet, MADEHO is committed to playing an active role in the ecological transition. We firmly believe that every small step counts and that, when coordinated intelligently, they can lead to significant change.

If you too would like to join Team for the Planet, click here:





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