Studio Madeho is the first marketing studio for all players in the hospitality industry, with a perfect understanding of the operational and financial challenges of the service and tourism industries. Independent hoteliers, groups, investors, experts, small or large restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, we are committed to helping you turn your projects into successes, by helping you create strong, original, desirable and memorable brands and concepts.

Key to success? Adding to  your vision and know-how, through a marketing prism, the knowledge of how to do it.


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Smartphones and social networks have turned every living space into an experience to photograph, share and promote.

More than ever, hotel and restaurant owners have to control and develop their image by thinking of each property as a concept, a brand in its own right, with a unique, original and effective customer experience, both online and offline.

To succeed, it is now essential to add to the know-how, the knowledge of how to do things.

To meet these new challenges, we have created the Studio Madeho.




Our efficiency and creativity are always at the service of your performance, whether it be in terms of image, notoriety or commercialisation. Whatever we do, we keep the operational aspect in mind and know that an idea is good when it is effective and adopted by your teams and your customers.

But above all, we believe that creativity is the most powerful lever for business efficiency.
We create hotel brands and hotels that stand out. 




As part of the Madeho hotel group, we offer marketing and creative expertise based on a clear and concrete vision of the economic and operational challenges of hospitality.

We offer a complete solution to create, produce and implement original and memorable brand concepts within your establishments.

We create brands, we imagine concepts, and provide all the communication tools to highlight them.

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