In order to support our clients throughout and in accordance with their needs, MADEHO proposes tailored management contracts that are adapted to every profile, from real estate investors to independent hotel owners.

To deal effectively with issues and individual specific needs, we define the necessary level of support, reporting methodology and strategic decision-making processes together, thus enabling the optimization of the collaboration between owner and manager.

MADEHO internally consolidates all of the areas of expertise that are necessary for the effective management of the property (marketing, commercial, finance, operations, development), organizing and orchestrating relations with dozens of external actors, suppliers, bankers, administrative bodies, distributors, key accounts, architects and construction companies, photographers, digital agencies, influencers, etc...

The hotel industry evolves on a daily basis (creation of new concepts, new entrants, introduction of new digital tools), MADEHO constantly monitors the Hospitality sector at a local, national and international level.

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